Allison and A.J. were brought together through their common love of the outdoors, sci-fi, family and a healthy serving of serendipity. Throughout their tenure together, they have dreamed of exploring their local Pacific Northwest and out into the world. Lucky for you, the dream has been set aside to make room for realistic planning. A.J. is a talented photographer, and Allison loves to document her excursions (and all the food and drink consumed along the way), so you’re sure to find both visual and anecdotal entertainment.

So what’s this blog?

With so many wonderful “-ings” in the world, we couldn’t just pick one to highlight; so we’re showcasing all of them! From hiking to snowboarding, camping, exploring, eating, and loving life, you can be confident many “-ings” will be represented in this blog. Allison has a dedicated Bucket List, which will draw special attention, while she and A.J. tackle other projects, like the Waterfall Wanderlust┬áchallenge from Friends of the Gorge, to the Pacific Northwest exploration task list, and many others. Stay tuned for the adventures…

Have a hike or trip you’ve been meaning to do or would recommend? Let us know! Comment, tweet or email us.

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